Tantra for Women Circle

In every woman exists all possibilities. She is the embodiment of endless love, happiness, joy, beauty, sensuality, creativity and overwhelming power. We invite you on a magical journey of self-discovery, as your mysterious feminine potential unfolds.

Blossoming of the Feminine Eros 

We invite you on a magical journey of self-discovery, as your mysterious feminine potential unfolds. Uniting ancient Eastern knowledge with the needs of the present-day woman, our goal on this course is to awaken femininity so we can live our maximum potential.

We aim to create an ambience where shyness and inhibition melt away in an atmosphere of understanding and love. Tantra for Women is a spiritual adventure in experiencing the magic of being a woman.

The course flows in a cosy and relaxed way, ancient teachings are combined with group exercises, meditations and tantric techniques, to create a loving sisterhood where happiness and fulfilment easily remove the taboos, inhibitions or stress.

The healing, nurturing and awakening of the divine feminine is one of the greatest gifts we can receive. We believe that through this, we offer future generations a harmonious world.

The course will have both a theoretical and practical part, where the proportions will change from time to time. The content of the course will be adapted to the participants and the ambience of the group and will therefore not necessarily strictly follow the points above.

There will be sensual elements during some occasions, but everything will happen in a safe space where you decide your own boundaries and level of participation. There will be no erotic direct interaction between participants.

Awakening Eros – module 1

Some of the things you will learn:

  • Power of Shakti – the female potential and how can we use it for the inner transformation

  • A conscious embracing of femininity

  • Secrets of the female eroticism and why it’s essential for one’s wellbeing to know how it works!

  • Shameless blossoming of your potential, confidence and freedom of heart

  • Healing and awakening through love

  • Bring back the juice of life!

  • The power of beauty to create fulfilment and balance

  • The art of admiration & adoration

  • Awakening the soft power

  • Embracing the amazing potential of the female body

  • Sacred erotic dance

  • Goddess rituals for everyday life

  • Tantric methods for awakening and mastering the erotic energy

  • Learn how to connect deeply to other women – the nourishing power of sisterhood

    … and many more fascinating topics that will unfold throughout the course that will revolutionize your world!

Aspiration, faith, sense of mystery, capacity to transform others, awakened intuition, magical powers …
Blossoming of all the soul-qualities of a perfect woman: happiness, kindness, goodness, tenderness, refinement, grace, delicacy, compassion, nurture, endless love, will power, self confidence, discipline, determination…
Beauty, health, diet, bodily harmonization, Indian medicine (Ayurveda), awakening of the feminine potential, massage, dance, natural cosmetics, communion with nature …
Intelligence, sense of humor, goodwill, mental power, focus, attention, memory, capacity for analyzing and synthesizing information, discrimination, lucidity, intuition…
Removing of stress, regaining vitality, rejuvenation, regeneration, sensuality, learning about the mysteries of feminine sexuality, awakening the orgasmic capacity, controlling the sexual energy for an amazing erotic life, sexual secrets …

Your Women’s Circle Teachers

Natalija Adi Kaur
and Veronika Hájková

Teacher: Natalija Adi Kaur and Veronika Hájková
Time: Tuesdays   19.15-21.30
Location: Natha Yoga Center Narcissvägen 12, Älvsjö (10 min promenad från Fruängen C)

Prices ( for the entire module):

Prices (5 times):
Regular price: 1650 kr 
CSN students & shaktis attending either Yoga or Tantra – 1350 kr
Shaktis attending BOTH Yoga & Tantra – 1200kr

To get the special discount you need to be enrolled in yoga or tantra for the entire duration of the shakti course.

Payment options

Bankgiro: 785-7162
Swish: 1233397171
Cash to your teacher or our team.

We offer receipt if you would like to use the course as friskvård. Please note that we do not have trial lessons for this course, as we aim to create a safe space of sisterhood between the participants. Therefore you need to sign up to the entire module. If you have doubts about the content of the course or questions you are most welcome to ask us by email or phone. The course cannot be refunded once you have signed up.

Secure your place now! Last time the course sold out very fast. We have a limited amount of places. Your payment is your final sign-up confirmation.