About Us


We are a spiritual school & community of seekers, practitioners, and aspirants who have come together from all different walks of life, from all over the planet, to fulfill our common goals & aspirations:

To learn more about ourselves & the universe
To discover true meaning and purpose to life & realize our highest potential
To live life to the fullest and make the world a better place
We believe that genuine spiritual knowledge can change lives, and should be available for all who seek spiritual transformation.


Our mission is to make high-quality spiritual knowledge & training available for all those who aspire to transform.

We exist to spread genuine spiritual teachings and help people efficiently transform – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our courses, workshops, and retreats are made to help you to find the answers to some of life’s deepest questions & mysteries, such as:

  • how & why we humans think and behave the way we do
  • the mechanisms of thoughts and emotions
  • how to find your purpose & live life to the fullest
  • how to transform yourself & your life efficiently, and eliminate unconscious patterns

We believe this is some of the most important knowledge available to humanity. Yet almost no one teaches it.

We’re here to change that.

Our Courses

Our students often tell us our courses are “the most in-depth Yoga, Tantra, and Meditation courses” they’ve found in Denmark.

We’ve also heard from people on the street that we’re known as “the place for people who are serious about yoga & meditation”.

Our courses take a different approach than what you might find elsewhere:

University-Style Curriculum:

The courses follow a university-like curriculum with a progressive learning structure, where the practice & theory each week builds upon the last.

This helps students develop a stronger consistency in practice, deeper understanding, and better long-term results.

Written Course Materials:

In the Yoga & Tantra courses, students are given 4-20 pages of written text material at each class.

This allows students to review and deepen their understanding on the topics & techniques studied each week.

A Scientific Approach

Like a science class in university – it’s not about theory or blind belief.

It’s about experimenting with the techniques, observing the results, and making your own conclusions through direct experience.

“A gram of practice is worth a ton of theory” – so come practice with us and experience the magic for yourself!


About Gregorian Bivolaru

Yoga Teacher Emeritus Gregorian Bivolaru is the founder and spiritual mentor of the Esoteric School of Integral Yoga MISA, author of the Esoteric Integral Yoga course, co-author of the Esoteric Tantra Yoga course offered to the Atman Federation of Yoga and Meditation (that NATHA is part of), and author of many spiritual books and publications.

Even since childhood, Gregorian Bivolaru’s life was marked by the ­exceptional and the mysterious, and since a young age he received the ”call of ­cosmic consciousness” and began ­insatiably studying spirituality and practicing yoga and meditation.

In the aftermath of the Romanian political revolution in 1989 he founded a large and influential spiritual movement (M.I.S.A) based on an ingenious spiritual teaching system, which today is taught in more than thirty countries around the globe.

For hundreds of thousands of people who have discovered ­spirituality and enriched their lives by following his teachings and advice, he is an utterly exceptional being, a genuine living ­tantric master, who has deeply and ­radically transformed their life in a positive way.


About Aurora Georgijevic

Aurora has practised yoga and tantra for the last 15 years and is a certified yoga and tantra teacher within Atman Federation. She was in an early stage deeply fascinated by the practical attitude in the tantric yogasystem, of applying and discovering the wise teachings of tantra in daily life. Her teaching style is playful, full of wisdom, enthusiasm and deep love for the tantric tradition. For the last 5 years, Aurora has been the coordinator for Natha Yoga Centre in Malmö, where she is teaching courses in yoga, tantra, tantra for women and arranging different events, workshops, retreats and festivals. She is also the coordinator of Tantrafestival in Sweden. Her soul ambition in this life is to passionately spread the message of the transforming power of love and to make the wisdom teachings accessible to as many people as possible.