Welcome to Natha Stockholm

We are here to bring your inner growth into life, and help your life become a continuous experience of growth and learning. We are a modern spiritual school in a world of turbulence providing cutting-edge knowledge, methodology and training programs in an efficient Selfdevelopment system. Serve. Love. Realize.



A cutting-edge yoga course that is a one of a kind in Sweden, providing amazing teachings over several years built on modules – a true journey of self-discovery, healing and re-balancing life. an in-depth, complete and continuous system within yoga and meditation that combines theory and practice from classic yoga traditions that integrate discoveries from modern science to provide a truly efficient system of transformation. 


An evolutionary course: Learn about sacred practices from the tantric tradition. Core teachings of the tantric path to self-knowledge. Tantric erotic practices. Eastern medicine and Western psychology.The subtle anatomy of the human being. Experience yourself the fascinating reality of the chakras. The Tantra Course is divided into levels, semesters and modules of in-depth study and practical applications with weekly classes.


In this course you will learn focusing and meditation techniques, relaxation techniques and basic knowledge about the mind and it’s ways – all elements which will improve your ability to meditate and support you in establishing your own meditation practice at home. Meditation is a unique tool for developing mental clarity, intuition, focus and the ability to be here and now, deep mental and physical relaxation and a feeling of  happiness.

Natha Stockholm is a spiritual yoga school that offers you continuous evolution and growth, and deepening in the spiritual teachings with new techniques and writing theory in each lesson. Our skilled Yoga and Tantra instructors are internationally certified by the Atman International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. Our yoga school is much more than weekly courses, it is also a way of life and a place where you can learn to integrate the teaching in whatever you do and whenever you do it.  Natha is a way to connect with people, to thrive and learn together and from each other. Foremost it is a place for continuous inner growth, as we believe that the only way to keep up with nature is to understand and act is it does in a continuous flow of new creation and aliveness.


You can  learn and share these practices with us by joining our events and esoteric courses, and thus experience unimaginable inner awakening and life-transforming experiences, getting closer to your core and opening opportunities for a truly fulfilling life lived to the max in continuous transformation…

Our branch in Stockholm has ongoing classes in Esoteric Yoga, Esoteric Tantra, In-depth Meditation and Tantra For Women. In addition, we hold a variety of other short and long retreats, worskshops and events.

Natha Yoga Center Stockholm is a nonprofit organization.

Join us and thrive with us in building our local community!

All the very best

The Natha Stockholm Team