The path of the man is forged by action and direction.

Action is integral to masculinity – as the basic expression of solar, masculine force, as a way to forge ones own character through taking feedback from our actions, and in its highest form, a manifestation of consciousness. The power of action is depending on the awakening of the inner fire – as a source of dynamism, perseverance, will, determination and power to overcome inertia, procrastination, laziness and lack of direction.

It is known that one of the greatest causes of stress for modern men is the lack of purpose and when dwelling in meaningless, chaotic actions that lack passion, purpose and direction. It decreases the male sexual hormone, testosterone, and causes increase of stress hormones. From a tantric perspective, this is the result of the lack of awakening of the inner fire.

Fire is the element of transformation and action.

All life undergoes a constant process of transformation through fire – the burning of the sun giving life to our entire planet, digestive fire transforming the food we eat into energy. In spiritual traditions fire is greatly valued in supporting the process of inner alchemy. Without awakening the inner fire, no personal transformation is possible. It is the catalyzing element that gives us the power to purify, regenerate and transform. It helps to awaken courage, willpower, confidence and masculine virile power.

This day will be dedicated towards awakening and dynamizing the healthy and harmonious inner fire as an essential pillar of conscious masculinity.

::::::: Program of the day


× Yoga

× Lunch

× Lecture & Q&A session with Morgan Arundel: Conscious Masculinity & Awakening of the Inner Fire (live-ONLINE streamed and projected in the yoga center)

× Nature hike, fire meditation by the fire place & cold swim

The event will be hosted by Tommy Miroglio at the yoga center and out in nature, and Morgan will be joining the lecture live online from UK and projected on a screen.


Tommy has been practising yoga and tantra for the last 5 years and joining international mens groups.

Morgan Arundel who have been practicing yoga and tantra for over 20 years and successfully guided many men’s groups for conscious masculinity.

Price 550 kr

450kr (Natha members)

Swish: 1233397171 (mark with “fire”)

The payment is impersonal but is non-refundable. Please come without any flu symtoms.

Lunch is not included, you can either bring your own vegetarian lunch or sign up for a vegetarian thai catering. If you wish to join the catering possibility let us know 2 days in advance.

Bring clothes for yoga & for outdoor forest hike, towel, swim gear & waterbottle


May 23 2021


09:00 - 18:30
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