Cacao Ceremony

– Sacred Beginnings & the art of Powerful Intentions

Älvsjö, Sunday 21st of January, 14.00-18.00
Lecture & Ceremony

The tantric yoga tradition placed a very special importance on new beginnings. Beginnings are charged with a very particular energy, like a seed that holds the creative power of everything that will unfold. Most often we lack awareness to truly harvest this energy and use it in a wise way. By bringing awareness to the energy of beginning we can integrate it as a force to empower everything that is meaningful, significant and sacred for us.

A new year has begun, and the buzzing energy of the new beginnings is still very much present. The energy of bursting enthusiasm, feeling of renewal, hope, freshness, radiance, vitality, force and aliveness. It gives a feeling of new opportunities, a chance to start again.

During this special workshop you will be introduced into the wisdom and sacred energy of the beginning from a yogi perspective and how we can harness it for our inner growth and for spiritual awakening.

We will also speak about the power of intention and the component parts of a strong intention. This will help to guide and orient the energy of beginning towards a beneficial direction.

The presentation will be followed by a special ceremony for conscious beginning of the new year, to empower the coming period. Not by visualizing different things we wish to happen in the year, but rather using the energy of beginning to dynamize and awaken valuable inner qualities and divine attributes that nurture our soul and bring deep meaning and sense of wholeness in our life. We will empower the direction for a more conscious life, filled with love, courage, wisdom, discernment, detachment, hope and sacredness.

For the ceremony everyone who wishes will be offered a warm drink of ceremonial grade organic cacao. Consuming cacao in this way helps to calm the mind and help us to center deeper into our heart. You are however very welcome to take part of the ceremony even without drinking the cacao as the cacao will just be used as an extra support to bring us into a more centered state.

You will be guided step by step through a meditative program of deep relaxation, focusing, breathing, and a series of meditations, including moments of self reflection and exercises designed to take you out of the everyday mental noise into the mystic space of the heart.

From this heart-centered presence we will empower vividly certain spiritual states and attitudes that we wish to manifest in the year to come.


**This event will take place in an intimate, cozy space with no physical interactions and there will be a safe distance between all the participants. The event will be kept for a small group, thus has limited places.

Please do not eat a big meal at least 2h before the event as the food might interfere with the effect of the cacao. The cacao ceremony is not recommended for people with heart problems or pregnant women or people with mental illness.

You are welcome to stay and relax after the event for a little more time after the ceremony. It is good not to plan other big events after the cacao ceremony, but just to take the rest of the day in peace and quiet as much as possible.

The event will be guided by the experienced yoga & tantra teacher Louise Skjoldan

Time: Sunday 23d January 14.00-18.00
Price: 550 kr (450kr Natha members)
Venue: Natha Yoga Center, Narcissvägen 12 Älvsjö

Sign in by swishing your contribution Swish: 1233397171 (write Your full name + Cacao). After you have paid your place is reserved. Please send us an email to confirm your place. If you do not wish to drink cacao please let us know.

For any question contact us

*No refunds are made, you can however give/sell your ticket to someone else. In case of illness that prevents you to participate, please contact us and you may be able keep your payment as a voucher for another cacao ceremony in the future

**Please be considerate and do not attend with any flu-like symptoms


Jan 21 2024


14:00 - 18:00
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