Discover the light within – Dark room yoga & meditation experience

– Only for students of Natha
4th of Feb, 9.00-22.30 (only 10 places!)

After an amazing experience in Malmö, upon request, we will organise this extraordinary event again. In total darkness you get a unique chance to explore the depths of your being in order to create an ecstatic leap of consciousness.

During this day, we will spend around 12 hours in total physical darkness, whilst exploring the profound peaceful space within and expanding the vast mysteriousness of our consciousness.

Practically, the day will start with an introduction (with the lights on) and then we will dive together into this mysterious journey in the dark that will be fully guided with yoga practice, meditations, profound relaxation – yoga nidra and other exercises.

::::::: Why would we want to do all this in total darkness?

There are many reasons to why the ancient yogis and wise men around the world recommended periodical retreats in total darkness. It has among other things, multiple benefits for mind, body, soul and spirit that even modern science has now confirmed.

Our unconscious perceptions are what binds us to the outside world, and keeps us trapped in the cosmic illusion, maya. When we stay in darkness for longer periods of time, one of our most vividly used senses, the sense of sight, is cancelled, and the normal agitations of the mind silence very fast. Thus when the mind becomes silent, the presence of the heart emerges, together with euphoric serenity, peace, contentment, gratitude, love and spiritual aspiration.

During the dark room experience we are presented with the unique possibility to easily access our soul, and awaken the godliness within.

::::::: Eliminating the fear of darkness

Many people are afraid of darkness. We can learn to let go of this fear by consciously embracing the darkness and discover the light within. Even a tiny source of light can eliminate the darkness in a room. In the same way, when we awaken the light of consciousness within we can eliminate the so called darkness we carry inside.

The Tao says: “When you go into the dark and this becomes total, the darkness soon turns into light.”

::::::: Soma – The Regenerative Energy of Darkness

The old yogis associated the fluid of eternal life, soma, with the energy of the moon, an essential vital energy that charges the human being during the night. This vital energy is “burned” by the inner sun (this burning provides the energy manifested during wakefulness) in order to carry on our daily actions. In this case, daytime is the symbol of all dualism, and of the personal domain of action, of the dispersant energy, while night is the symbol of eternity, contemplation, regeneration and centeredness.

The darkness regenerates the brain and balances the hormones

Studies made in this area show the extraordinary beneficial effects that experiences such as these in darkness generate both in our brain and the hormonal system.

Mantak Chia writes the following in his book Darkness Technology:

“The darkness actualises successively higher states of divine consciousness, correlating with the synthesis and accumulation of psychedelic chemicals in the brain. Melatonin, a regulatory hormone, quiets the body and mind in preparation for the finer and subtler realities of higher consciousness (Days 1 to 3).

Melatonin, the ‘sleep molecule,’ is produced in the pineal gland, in response to the darkness of night, and to the circadian rhythms of light and dark that are programmed into the hypothalamus, an endocrine gland located deep within the brain. Melatonin affects major organ systems, quieting the sympathetic nervous system and allowing daily rejuvenation of mind and body. In the Dark Room, melatonin gradually accumulates in the brain.”

::::::: The group synergy effect

Darkness retreats can be done for various lengths of time, alone or together with other people. For beginners, we do not recommend long retreats without prior experience, since this experience could be risky. Therefore this shorter, guided workshop is a wonderful way to get accustomed to this special practice in a safe space.

To share such a special experience with other people is a way to increase the efficiency of the practice, since the spiritual traditions say that when many people practice the same technique together, it amplifies the effects of that practice, for all of them.

“It doesn’t matter if a cave has been in darkness for 10,000 years or half an hour, once you light a match it is illuminated. “

Paramahansa Yogananda

::::::: Benefits of intense practice and retreats

Living in a modern hectic world doesn’t always allow us to give enough time to spiritual practice. Periodical retreats with intense, hourlong practice is a wonderful tool for resetting our system, for breaking out from the mental prison of daily life agitations, a chance to reconnect to our heart and restore health, balance and wellbeing.

During this workshop we will practice long hatha yoga sessions, do extended meditations and deep, long yoga nidra practices. This will create conditions for cleaning up our inner space and allowing the inherent light of our soul to shine through.

::::::: Practical details:

The retreat will start early morning 9.00 approximately, with an introduction.

Then from around 10.00-21.30 We will have the dark room experience, where all lights will be turned off completely. After 21.30 there will be a landing session, where we slowly come back to the world.

During the experience in the darkroom there will be guided meditations, yoga practice, relaxation, contemplation time and few inspiring talks and other practices.

You will have access to toilet but only in darkness.

You are recommended to rest very well one week before this experience, and to also prepare as much you can beforehand by eating healthy foods, avoiding coffe, alcohol, smoking etc. Aim, if possible, to take a week before the workshop to practice as much you can different spiritual techniques, yoga, meditation and especially techniques for mental concentration as we will have hourlong meditations in this workshop in order to create possibility to explore the depths of your consciousness. This is why it is important to be well prepared and to be in a great vital shape.

During this workshop we will not eat, only water, tea and milk (organic and vegan) will be provided together with special plants that help to deepen meditation and support concentration – can be taken optionally for those who want. Please bring your own thermos for tea.

::::::: Price & sign up:

1100 kr (after 31 jan)
950 kr (before 31 jan)
Swish: 1233397171
Bankgiro: 785-7162
Cash in the reception beforehand

We only have 10 places for this retreat and a place is only guaranteed through payment! Be aware that last year the event was sold out, so if you wish to attend, make sure to do the reservation by payment in time.

This workshop is only open for students who are in the Intensive Yoga or Tantra course.

Cancellation policy
No refunds on this event, unless you find someone to take your place.
If you come from afar and need accommodation, we can offer a simple sleepover at the yoga center for a price of 150kr.


This special workshop will be guided by Aurora Georgijevic, with over 18 years of experience in both yoga and tantra.
The practice of kaya kalpa (dark room experience) is a practice that fascinated her very much and she has done several longer retreats (up to 17 days) in solitude with an intense practice of meditation, yoga and other techniques. This led to profound transformations and realizations in her being that she would like to share with others, helping people to discover the light within.


Feb 04 2023


09:00 - 22:30
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