Esoteric Tantra Course – Intro evening

Monday September 18th, 18.00 – 20.30, Stockholm Älvsjö
Join our Esoteric Tantra is starting again! 

Join our intro for this evolutionary tantra course and enjoy an inspiring evening to awaken your heart and appetite for life!
We begin with an uplifting, eye-opening, touching, encouraging, and inspiring introduction into the fascinating world of tantra, debunking common myths and giving insight into the essence of this path.
The presentation will be followed by some simple exercises to connect to your heart and to others.
All exercises are optional and it is possible to only participate to the presentation.

You sign up by paying the fee for the intro evening (75 kr) and register yourself through this google doc :

Swish: 1233397171
(Mark the payment with “name+tantraintro”)

*Note we do not send out confirmation messages, but we will notify when the sign up list for the intro evening gets full.
Special offer! The intro evening is for free if you sign up to the course minimum full term payment
(if you have already paid the intro fee you can deduct it from your payment)

A weekly tantra class

Many of our students express how happy they feel to have the possibility to join a weekly tantra class. There are a lot of workshops and retreats, but very few long term regular classes in tantra. We want to change this. Tantra is not a one time experience, it is an ongoing journey of life with many profound lessons that you cannot learn in a retreat or workshop.
Tantra is the path of awakening by learning from all life experiences.
It is a path suited for those who wish to live life fully, to experience all that life has to offer, and to turn every life situation into an opportunity for growth.
In the Esoteric Tantra Yoga course, we approach Tantra as a spiritual science that offers a systematic approach to evolution and self-development for those who wish to learn and transform through direct experience and by embracing the fullness of everyday life.

Course day: Mondays 18.00-20.30
Teacher: Louise Skjoldan, internationally certified tantra teacher with 17+ years of experience


Read more about the course here:

What you’ll learn in this course

The course is divided in different modules, with new theory and practical exercises every week.
Level 1 consist of 8 modules
Module 1: Core teachings & basic tantric practices
Module 2: Vital life force & the root spine chakra
Module 3: Sacred eros & the sacral plexus
Module 4: Personal performance, will power & conscious self-development
Module 5: Heart based living, emotional balance & relating
Module 6: Intuition, communication & higher perceptions
Module 7: Mental power, meditation & the third eye

You can join the class even if it has already started. You can buy the course material from previous models if you wish and we will also offer an optional catch-up session on demand. The course will close from module 4.

You will learn

Methods for increased presence
Yoga techniques (asanas, mudras, bhandas and pranayamas) that help you harmonise your physical, emotional and mental level
Tantric meditation
How to enrich your love life
How to awaken your sensuality and your erotic potential – the secret behind the tantric 0rgasm
How to increase willpower, discipline and self-control in a relaxed way
Effective stress management and emotional balancing
In-depth knowledge of the Chakra system
Discover Kundalini – our basic potential
Deeper insight into the couple relationship and how you can improve your relationships
Methods to open your heart and welcome love
Find a deeper meaning in life
How to spiritualise your life and invite more sacredness into everyday experiences
Unique initiations in tantric techniques

Limited number of places on the course!


Natha Yoga Center
Narcissvägen 12 Stockholm, Älvsjö
(Fruängen metro then a 14 min walk)
Free parking on the street by the yoga center

About the teacher

Louise Skjoldan is an internationally certified tantra and yoga teacher with more than 20 years of direct experience of the yogic and tantric path. She is teaching in our esoteric Tantra yoga classes, our Esoteric yoga classes and tantra for women groups since 2010. With her big smile, warm heart, tenderness and passion she guides you on a journey of acquiring new understandings and experiences about yourselves, about life and the magic connection between you and the flow of cosmos from the Tantric & yogic perspective., helping you to reveal your innermost nature with all its facets & qualities.


Sep 18 2023


18:00 - 20:30
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