Have you been curious to try out our yoga class but didn’t have the opportunity yet? Now is the moment to join our yoga course and begin the new year with the best for your body and soul!

This course is not just a fitness practice, but an amazing journey of self-discovery, and discovering the profoundly regenerating, de-stressing and inspiring effects of yoga!

Join our free intro Monday 23rd of January 2023 for an inspiring lecture about esoteric yoga, an uplifting yoga session and chance to meet the teacher and find out more info about the course!

You sign up for the yoga intro by register yourself through this google form :



This is a cutting-edge yoga course that is a one of a kind in Sweden, providing amazing teachings over several years built on modules – a true journey of self-discovery, healing and re-balancing life.

Our yoga course integrates yoga philosophy adapted to the needs of an intensely transforming society with a practical application of traditional yoga practices such as asanas (body postures), bandhas & mudras (synchronised gestures), breath work, deep relaxation techniques, meditation, detox- and purification methods and many other efficient yoga techniques.

As a student, you will be provided with many efficient tools together with guidance for discovering your inner potential. The ongoing curriculum of teachings is offering a base for those who wish to go in-depth into their practice and obtain lasting results of the transformation.

This introduction day will offer an insight into this fascinating journey that could revolutionise your entire life!



Mondays 17.45-19.45 incl. practice & theory

VENUE: Natha Yoga Center, Narcissvägen 12, Älvsjö

(Fruängen metro then few 10 min walk)

Free parking on the street by the yoga center


Natha Yogacenter offers an in-depth, complete and continuous system within yoga and meditation that combines theory and practice from classic yoga traditions that integrate discoveries from modern science to provide a truly efficient system of transformation.

The length of the course can vary from a shorter period to many years of practice making this a genuine school of yoga for all those who wish to go in-depth!

Yoga at Natha Yogacenter is centred around personal evolution and offers methods for:

– Stress management and relaxation

– Health and detox methods

– Unconditional happiness, wellbeing and harmony

– Increased creativity

– Better willpower, discipline and inner strength

– Deeper insight into the world of emotions – learn to open your heart

– Improved concentration, mental focus and managing of the monkey mind

– Yoga philosophy that takes you into the mysteries of your inner world

(printed course material is included – new theory every week)

Yoga is much more than stretching. It is a life-long lesson, a journey towards harmony, joy and fulfilment on all levels!

You do not need any prior experience in yoga to join our course. Your age doesn’t matter (though above 14), nor if you are flexible or not. Yoga meets you where you are in life – physically, emotionally and mentally – and supports you to awaken your inner potential.


Secure Your Space On The Mat:

The intro evening is free of charge but if you want to make sure you get a seat on the course you can sign up already before the course starts by paying through Swish or Bankgiro.

Bankgiro: 785-7162

Swish: 1233397171

(Write your name and YOGA in the message field)

2h sessions/once a week including printed theory papers:

Half term: 1900 kr (1st Feb – 15th April)

Full term: 3300 kr (1st Feb – 30th July)

One year: 5500 kr (1st February 2023 – 31st January 2024)

1 month: 800 kr (available only for beginners for maximum 6 months)



SPECIAL DISCOUNT: those students who attend our Esoteric Tantra Course receive 50% discount on the tantra course, when joining the yoga course!

TEACHER: Certified yoga teacher Louise Fisker Skjoldan with more than 19 years of intense experience

We look forward to see you on the yoga mat!


Jan 23 2023


20:00 - 21:30
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