Heart of Nature – Skogsbad & meditation

Heart of Nature – Forest Hike & Meditation

– Forest Bathing – Meditation – Mindfulness – Mini-lecture – Community Gathering


Saturday 17 april

10.30-16.00 Tyresta National Park

Spring is here and our forests are full of gifts and beauty.

Join us for a heart awakening journey in nature – an 8km hike through ancient forests, lakes and sacred sites from Viking times.

We will meet and take a walk together in the beautiful nature of Tyresö National Park and open up to all its wonders and healing energies. Nature has the power to restore our health and wellbeing in multiple ways. It is a great source for instant regeneration. It brings peace, balance, harmony to our being, and is one of the fastest known ways to decrease and counter balance the negative impact of stress, thus having numerous beneficial effects on our overall health and inner harmony.

But there are ways and ways of being in nature. We can be like outsiders in nature, separated and absent. Or we can learn to be fully present in it by opening our senses more and more until we feel that we become like a part of nature. During this day we will aim to learn to surrender and rest in the embrace of nature.

There are many great scientific studies on the so called “forest bathing”, on how certain inner attitudes helps us to unlock the full benefit of being in nature. Together with meditation it becomes a unbeatable combo for healing & restoring harmony on all levels of our being. It is the ancient, most well-researched “medicine” we know of, perfectly safe & without side effects, something human beings have always resorted to when needing to relax, heal, get inspired or just for pure enjoyment.

So bring your tea, some good walking shoes (important!) and cozy warm clothes and join us for this heart-warming day in the magical Swedish forest!

:::::::During this day we will:

– 8km meditative hike through various terrain (easy parts and some a little more demanding so good shoes are needed!)

– Try some scientifically proven meditative exercises that decrease stress and increase wellbeing in nature

– Mini-lecture on forest healing

– Taoist technique for healing with nature

– Picnic by the fire

-Visiting a sacred Viking site where we will also do a meditation

What to bring:

– Lunch/snack for yourself

– Tea or warm drinks

– Water

– Warm clothes and water proof clothes

– Comfortable shoes (preferably water proof)

– Something to sit on

– Towel for those who dare to take a refreshing dip in the lake

:::::::Where do we meet?

We will meet at Tyresta National Park Parking place at Brakmaren (approx 30 min drive from the city center). You can reach there by car. Co-travelling possibilities from Älvsjö and from Gullmarsplan (Write if you need a space)

The event will be guided by our yoga teacher Aurora Georgijevic.

:::::::Payment & registration:

350 kr

Swish to 1233397171 (mark the payment with “nature” & your name).

After you have made your payment please send an email to stockholm@natha.se

In case all the places get full we will make a post about it on the event, but until then you are welcome to register your payment.

(We have limited places for the hike)

Cancellation policy & considerations: Tickets are non-refundable, however you can sell/give away your ticket. Please come without flu-like symtoms. We will keep the event even if it will get a little cloudly or rainy, we just bring proper clothing . We will only cancel in case a huge rain seems to come, in such case we announce this in the morning and you will be fully refunded

*Note – the content of the day might change slightly according to weather etc, as well as the ending time depending on the rhythm of the group.

With much love,

Team Natha


Apr 17 2021


10:30 - 16:00
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