Path of Love

8 Week Course 

Tuesdays 18.00-20.00
Start 3rd April 2024

After repeated success and wonderful feedback from the participants of this course we are happy to announce that we will again run this beautiful journey of love – you are welcome to join us for the upcoming course starting in March!

Most people wish for more love, even without knowing.
Most people long for deeper experiences, more intimate connections, truer friendships and more meaning and passion in their hearts, but not knowing how.

Most people believe that love is something that happens to us, like a random gift from the sky that suddenly appears and disappears from our life seemingly out of our control. We wish to change this limiting belief. We wish for everyone to discover the amazing power of love that is always available for the heart that trains the capacity of courageously opening. Again and again.

We believe that love is a choice. A choice to open and let love in. It is an art that anyone can train and become better at. It is a path and most magnificent adventure of our life.

This 8 weeks transformational course will take you deep into the essence of love, week by week providing more tools and understandings based on tantric wisdom teachings on love but also inspiring discoveries from up-to-date science.

You will learn and discover:

– A deeper and more profound understanding of the nature of love
– Different expressions of love such as compassion, empathy, forgiveness, romance, intimacy, sacredness and how to cultivate them
– Tools for opening your heart – at will and despite of past experiences or limiting personal beliefs
– Secrets of radiant love – learning to love without hesitation
– Conscious touch – the physical expression of love
– The play between LOVE & EROS
– Love as a gate to greater intimacy with others
– How to escape the mental prison and liberate your heart
– Self-acceptance and self-love
– Polarity and love in tantric view – balancing the feminine and the masculine
– How to cultivate love in everyday life
– How to overcome the challenge of closure towards love – understanding what holds you back
– Activating the COURAGE TO LOVE
– Love as a spiritual path

The Art of Limitless Loving

Everyone has a limitless capacity to love.
Still most people experience only small parts of the great gifts that love has to offer us.
How would your life be, if you didn’t need to wait for the conditions to be right for you to love? How would it be if you could love people, not because they are fulfilling some needs of yours or because they are nice towards you, but simply because there is an inner overflow of love inside that you cannot wait to share?

What if you could learn to love without reasons – without expectations, projections or agendas? What if you could wake up with love in your heart, to such magnitude it made you present, adventurous and trustful towards the new day, and each night go to bed with gratitude?

All this is possible for each of us, if we have the courage to choose love.

There are so many hands you have never shaken, and names you’ve never learned. There are so many voices your ears wouldn’t recognise, and eyes you’ve never really looked into. There are so many stories that go unheard. There are so many tears that go unseen, and healing embraces that never get the chance to perform their magic. We are faced with opportunities each day to open our hearts to every aspect of life worth being madly in love with.

“Falling in love is a gift we are given, a moment of grace.
Rising with love is an inner choice and commitment that turns us from passive consumers into active participants in the grandiose celebration of love”

Here is what some of the participants of last rounds of this course have shared :

“I recommend this course so warmly!!! I have been to very many different tantra courses, workshops and retreats for the last years, and I have to say that Aurora Georgijevic is one of the most competent, wise and inspiring teachers that I’ve come across in this field. This course is SO needed in our time and society – I wish every person would get this knowledge and skills about love and life – preferably already at school/early age. It’s somehow tragic that most of us don’t get it earlier in life, but it’s wonderful that it’s never too late to start to understand and practice love in a much more conscious way. Thank you for 8 wonderful weeks”!  Maria

“The reason why you should attend this course are a dime and a dozen, but here are the main ones. Aurora’s love and dedication to make this course a complete immersion into the mystery of love is outstanding. She brilliantly captures the essence of what makes us humane and boils it down to simple principles where she both provides theory and practice. At the least you would have gained a deeper perspective that allows you to invigorate your life and relationships with newfound enthusiasm. At the highest your worldview would’ve forever be altered and love be the new direction in your life that would permeate everything you do. It is that good. And attending this course it’s no surprise to me since this is a woman who lives and breathes her life mission, and you are lucky to have crossed her path. The path of love” – Oscar

What will happen during the course:

– Weekly inspiring lectures and direct guidance based on ancient tantric wisdom
– Creative and interactive exercises
– Heart meditations
– REAL meetings – heart to heart in a sacred space of love and awareness
– Specially designed homework to incorporate regular practice
– Group study & sharing circles
– Private Telegram group for those who wish to connect more and where the teacher will share homework, inspiring clips, music and other things

Meet the teacher:

Louise Skjoldan is an internationally certified tantra & yoga teacher and tantra masseur with more than 20 years of direct experience of the tantric path. With her big smile, warm heart, tenderness and passion she guides us on our journey of acquiring new understandings and experiences about ourselves, about life and the magic connection between our being and the flow of cosmos from the Tantric perspective, helping us to reveal our inner sensual and loving dimensions.

Practical & Sign up

2300 kr. until 27th March
2700 kr. after 27th March
(Students with CSN + active Natha members receive 700kr discount)

Swish: 1233397171
Bankgiro: 785-7162

Mark your payment with “Love”. To reserve a spot please pay the sign up fee of 750 kr (the rest is to be paid before the course begins, latest 7 days before the course starts

After that send us an email to

We have limited amount of places.

Time & Day:

START 2nd April
Tuesdays 18.00-20.00
(note – some days the course will end 20.30 – which is optional)

Natha Yoga Center
Narcissvägen 12 Älvsjö, Stockholm
(15 minutes walk from Fruängen tunnelbana station)

Other info:
This course is meant for adults over 18 years.
No nudity will take place during the course.
This course is not meant as a replacement of professional therapy when this is needed.
No exercise is obligatory, you set your own boundaries and those will be respected by other participants.
We offer no refund, but you are welcome to sell your place for the course to someone else (only before the course have started)
Missed classes will not be refunded.


Apr 02 2024 - May 21 2024
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