Special world wide Winter Solstice celebration & Shivaratri meditation

Winter Solstice is here on December 21st. starting a new cycle of the sun, shining it’s life-giving light on the northern hemisphere of our planet.

From the esoteric perspective the sun represents the conscious, yang principle in the Macrocosm – Shiva. The sun is a manifestation of wakefulness, and conscious presence as its light penetrates the darkness of unconsciousness, giving dynamism and the impulse of life to begin anew.

This is mirrored in Shakti – mother nature – and the nature of all life around us, where the seeds which were buried in the darkness of the Earth will now begin to grow and emerge by the life-giving rays of the Sun.

During the fall – since the autumn equinox –  the light has become more and more absent, inviting us to interiorise deeper and deeper, crystallising everything life has brought us until now.

Symbolically the darkness has takes over until this moment of Winter solstice where the light triumphs again and a new cycle of conscious living and manifestation begins.

We invite you to join us on this very special and powerfully transforming evening of celebrating light, life, wakefulness and conscious living, which this year coincides with Shivaratri – the monthly moment of peaking of the consciousness – offering an even more powerful dimension of conscious presence to this moment of Winter Solstice!

The program of the evening contains :
21.10 – 21.40 mini lecture about the moment of Winter Solstice
21.40 – 21.55 ceremony for the return of the light
22.10 – 23.10 music meditation entering in resonance with the moment of Winter solstice. 
23.20 – 00.20 meditation of communion with Shiva – the conscious principle, celebrating the moment of Shivaratri 

As we have limited places, please sign up via the link below : 

We look forward to celebrating the returning of the light
– together with you! ☀️


Dec 21 2022


21:10 - 00:20
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