Tantric Winter Retreat

– A Return to Love

In Floda (30 min from Göteborg)
December 6th –10th

Only women- & couple spots left!!

 Join us for a Transformational Winter Retreat 

Escape to a world of serenity and self-discovery at our Tantric Winter Retreat: A Return to Love – set against the breathtaking backdrop of a pristine lake and the enchanting beauty of Swedish nature.

Over the last few years, our retreats have sold out in a very short time, In the last years nearly half of the places got taken within a few days of publishing the event. This tells us something. That these retreats manage to touch an essential yearning and longing in the heart of people. Because we all long for life, we all have a longing to be fully present and awake in this precious life we are given, and we suffer when we are not. This is our calling and mission – to support everyone who wishes to awaken, to find back to the joy of life that is interwoven into our hearts.

This retreat is an invitation to Love. To dive deep into the warmth of your heart, into the softness and aliveness of your body and into the light of your soul. It is an encouragement for profound transformation, healing, and rejuvenation, for returning to loving presence in the heart

A Return to Love

Falling in love is easy.
It is a gift we are given, a moment of grace.
Rising with love is an inner choice and commitment that turns us from passive consumers into active participants in the grandiose celebration of love.
This retreat will be a life changing journey through the mysteries of love, taking us beyond love consumerism, beyond instant gratification and quick fixes.

We will learn to return to love with reverence, for it is the source of your truest self. In its gentle caress, you find acceptance. In its passionate embrace, you discover ecstasy. In its boundless depths, you uncover the secrets of the universe.

The path to love is not always easy, for it requires vulnerability, courage, and an open heart. Yet, as you embark on this sacred journey, know that you are never alone. The universe conspires to guide you back to the essence of love, to the place where you are eternally connected to all that is.

Love is not a one time arrival, it is a constant process of awareness, willingness to embrace transformation, willingness to improve your love-skills, and willingness to choose love again, again and again… Despite all the reasons and motivations we get for closing down.

In this journey we will also explore what holds us back, why it is sometimes hard to return to love. It can be fears, projections, lack of self-awarness, immaturity, or simply not knowing how.

We will learn to discover how coming back to love is the simplest and most important action and attitude we need to do and manifest for living a life full of meaning.

The Art of Limitless Loving

Everyone has a limitless capacity to love.
Still most people experience only small parts of the great gifts that love has to offer us.

How would your life be, if you didn’t need to wait for the conditions to be right for you to love? How would it be if you could love people, not because they are fulfilling some needs of yours or because they are nice towards you, but simply because there is an inner overflow of love inside that you cannot wait to share?

What if you could learn to love without reasons – without expectations, projections or agendas? What if you could wake up with love in your heart, to such magnitude it made you present, adventurous and trustful towards the new day, and each night go to bed with gratitude?

In this retreat we will explore love as an art that we all can practice, learn and get better at. We will learn how to open to love in a profound way, where love is not just an emotion but a force, a vibrant energy that connects all things

 Retreat Highlights 

– Inspiring lectures and direct guidance based on ancient tantric wisdom, aiming to bring awareness and light to our experiences
– Creative and interactive exercises for awakening the senses, our energies & consciousness
– REAL meetings – heart to heart in a sacred space of love and awareness
– Sensual exercises that help us to open up to life, beauty, intimacy and happiness
– Daily meditation practice to become more present, lucid and awake
– Group study & sharing circles
– Inner energy work and morning yoga practice
– Couple Yoga
– Cacao Ceremony
– Quality Holiday Time: sharing moments & togetherness in nature’s beauty and harmony
– Purifying sauna and cold bath swims in the lake

The retreat will unfold as an integrated flow and will not follow a rigid scheme, therefore we reserve for sudden changes at any time in the program. The teachers will adapt the program to the needs of the group, yet hold a clear frame of direction and purpose—-

Retreat Setting

Nestled amidst the tranquil embrace of nature only 30 min from Göteborg this retreat venue offers cozy cabins, delicious healthy cuisine, and the soothing silence of the nearby lake. This serene environment provides the ideal set up for inner exploration and connection with others.

Retreat Dates

6th -10th December

Practical Details & sign up

Program of the retreat:
• Check in Wednesday 6th of Dec: 16.00 – 18.00
• The program of the retreat begins around 18.00 with dinner on Wednesday 6th Dec and ends around 15.00 on Sunday 10th of Dec.

PRICES: (including course fee, food & accommodation)
EARLY BIRDS (UNTIL 29th Nov): 6800kr/6300kr*
END PRICE (after 29th Nov): 7300kr/6700kr*

*(lower price is given to active Atman members, students, unemployed)


Pay the full price or pay 3200 SEK as a reservation fee.
– The remaining amount is paid at latest the on the 1st December.
– 500 SEK administration fee is not refunded no matter the cancellation date
(please note that we cannot make any exceptions for this)
– Prices does not include transportation

The retreat fee is transferred to Natha Yogacenter via Swish 123 395 95 90 or PG 403 08 65-2

Please mark your payment with “WINTERRETREAT” + YOUR NAME+EMAIL” as your final confirmation of your participation.

As we have LIMITED PLACES (and the last retreats sold out very soon after publishing the event) available please make your payment as soon as possible to secure your place. Access is based on the first appearances of the payments.

If you want to reserve a private or double room at an additional cost please contact stockholm@natha.se

• Cancellation policy: After the payment has been done we will refund 95% until 2 months before, 70% of the fee to 3 weeks before the event after that refund is not possible.
500 SEK administration fee is not refunded no matter the cancellation date


You will be hosted in simple 2-4 bed rooms
If you wish to have a private room please contact us (limited places for private room)
Private room extra fee: 250kr/night


We wish to create the most loving and safe spaces for these retreats, and also a space for safely and courageously meeting one’s limits and opening up for transformation and true leaps of consciousness.

Therefore we ask everyone who comes the first time to first apply for the retreat by sending us an email to stockholm@natha.se where we will guide you to fill in a questionnaire in order for you to feel if this is a retreat for you. You are also most welcome to contact us to speak directly with the teachers if you are uncertain if this retreat is suitable for you.

Self responsibility and boundaries

• We encourage 100% self-responsibility
• This retreat is meant for healthy adults (over 18 years) that wish to open up to beautiful transforming experiences and know how to set healthy boundaries. If you suffer from serious mental illness, if you cannot manage your own boundaries, or if you are easily getting too overwhelmed this retreat is not suitable. The retreat can be deeply healing but is not meant as a therapy retreat.
• The teachers and the team aim to do the utmost to create a loving safe space, but it is up to each and everyone to evaluate their own limitations and possibilities and know how to find harmonious participation
• Sensuality and nudity might appear, however participation in any of the parts of the retreat is ALWAYS OPTIONAL and there will not be any explicit erotic interaction in the workshops
• We will apply a special consent form that will be obligatory to fill in online before the retreat begins, with common sense indications regarding a harmonious integration for all participants during the retreat
• Other boundaries must be respected so that everyone can enjoy a beautiful experience

Should I bring my partner? Can I go alone?

The retreat is designed for both singles & open-minded couples. It is up to the couples to decide the frame of their participation. The entire program and all its activities are guided so that you will meet, mingle and interact with all the other participants. We aim to have an approximately equal number of men and women to create a balanced frame for everybody.

You can come as a single or as a couple. As long as you are open to participating in the common activities you will have a great time.

Spaces for this transformative winter retreat are limited, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to nourish your soul, deepen your connections, and experience the magic of tantra

Join us on this unforgettable journey of love, connection, and conscious relating. Rest in the winter’s loving embrace, and let your heart blossom in the beauty of the present moment

With love ❤️ 
Team Natha






Dec 06 2023 - Dec 10 2023


18:00 - 15:00
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