Awakening Kundalini Group

You are invited!

By the activation of Kundalini Shakti we will accelerate at the most our spiritual progress and awaken the wonderful latent capacities of our being that will enrich our life in ways we could not imagine. All the most wonderful possibilities are right at hand when we learn to activate and control this Universal Cosmic Force which lies dormant within each of us.

This group will study the phenomena of Kundalini both from a practical and theoretical point of you. The meetings will consists of special presentations related to the phenomena of awakening Kundalini, yoga practice specially aimed for the awakening Kundalini, study groups aiming to understand the Kundalini phenomena and “alternative” and creative approaches.

The group is accessible for students from 2nd year and up. The group will meet every second Saturday, equal weeks at 15.00. First meeting takes place the 4th of March at 15.00-18.00. As an extra option, we also meet Saturday 11 March.

Teacher: Emanuel, call 21857512 if you have questions.