About the Intensive Yoga course:

The intensive yoga course offered by the school is an in-depth course providing the students with many powerful tools for self improvement. Being initiated into efficient yogic techniques, the practitioner can quickly achieve harmony and growth in any aspect of life that he/she chooses. The effects that one may expect from this course are: achieving and keeping the physical health;  elimination of stress; calming of the mind; awakening dynamism, vitality and happiness; increasing creativity, will-power and self confidence; opening up to love; increasing the intuition, memory and mental focus; and much more.
Eventually, the ultimate goal of the course is to deepen the self-knowledge, allowing the person to live his/her life fully and to become aware of the mysterious spiritual reality that exists within each of us – as our true divine identity.
The course takes place once a week, 2 hours each time. 30 minutes are dedicated to learning a new technique and more theory. 90 minutes are dedicated to practicing together the techniques taught so far. Each week is also given written theory with details about the technique taught and supplementary information.

About the Intensive Tantra course:

Tantra is much more than eroticism. Tantra is the spiritual path of saying YES to life in all its aspects. Tantra teaches us how to live life in every moment with extreme intensity and full awareness and detachment, how to abandon full of love and understanding to the flow of life. Then, life itself becomes a continuous and joyous lesson, teaching us all that we need to know, changing us for the better, realizing our potential, perfecting us. Tantra is a spiritual path the can be learned by all!
The intensive tantra course meets once a week, for 2 hours each time. Each course includes 30 minutes of theory – learning a new technique and additional information, and 90 minutes of practice in which are done together the techniques learned so far. In this way the student can progress gradually with his/her practice. In addition, the special groups for men and women meet once every 2 weeks. The techniques done in the class do not include any erotic practice and are all done individually. The techniques given in the course begin with classical yogic bodily positions, taught with a tantric perspective, and gradually develop into tantric techniques of a more esoteric nature.

About the Meditation course:

Meditation is the Key to Any Success
Meditation is the royal path that leads to perfection, being the foundation of any system of personal development or spiritual path. Meditation is also the key to success in all modern systems of self-teaching such as positive affirmations, personal-development programs for leadership and career orientation, mental training for high performance in sports and so on.
This course will help you act with extreme efficiency, inspiration and originality in everything you do by unleashing the fabulous natural potential that otherwise lies dormant deep in everyone. The step-by-step approach will guide you to take control over your mind, and through it control your entire life and improve your performance in all your areas of interest. And this will create the conditions for the True freedom of the Heart.
Among the effects of this training we mention:
• Improved mental focus
• Significant stress reduction and a relaxed approach to life
• Emotional stability and a constant joyful and optimistic attitude
• Increased creativity, originality and self confidence
• Improved performance and efficiency in everything you do
The course involves down-to-earth explanations of the mechanisms of the mind and provides accessible practical methods for using these mechanisms to our benefit.
The course comprises a series of 77 classes divided into 7 modules, each building upon the previous ones. Success in meditation requires daily practice; therefore each week you will receive a short homework that will help you move from theoretical understanding to direct practical experience. There is direct guidance through the practical methods by expert teachers in the class.
Every module will be marked with the exceptional offer of an intensive weekend meditation seminar where together with other practitioners and teachers all the methods will be practiced and meditation will be deepened.
With constant practice you will be able to achieve a deep, inner peace, enjoy the present moment and experience constantly the overwhelming mystery of spiritual ecstasy.

“Yoga is the stopping of the fluctuations of the mind” Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Retreats and workshops

Natha also organizes many retreats and workshops that are sometimes in English or with translation. Specially the more advanged workshops are often in English so it is good to check out our calendar for these events.

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