Amid the full crisis of disclosure, when it has been revealed once again that conspiracy theory is not theory but conspiracy fact, (this time thanks to computer analyst and former CIA employee Edward Snowden who is courageously standing up for the principles he believes in) now a big story about media misconduct has come out in the ongoing campaign against genuine spirituality, in this case, against Natha Yogacenter in Denmark. And none other than Bubber and his crew are at the centre of it all.

Here are the facts: in the second part of Danmark ifolge Bubber’s show about Natha Yogacenter aired on 23rd May 2013, at minute 21:07 there is a series of 16 images flashing rapidly for 1.5 seconds. They appear when Karsten Fischer is telling Bubber: “If you can support Natha then who can you not support..?” There are so many images in such a short timeframe that the conscious mind does not register what they are. They qualify therefore for subliminals! Why on Earth does a program in Denmark try to use subliminal messages? The shock grows even more when we see the meaning of these images: they are symbols, logos representing some of the most dangerous organizations in our world today.

Truth Seminar has been investigating this story and has brought this sensational news to the attention of the media. Here you can see more about it.

And today, 14th June 2013, a journalist from Denmark’s “Journalisten”, Lasse Lindquist, published the following article: ”TV2 is linking yoga school with terrorist organizations”.

A TV2 program connects yoga school Natha with Hizbut Tahrir, Al Qaeda, Ku Klux Klan, Hells Angels, Red Army Faction, Scientology and the Taliban. “I think it is not ok,” says Joachim Porslund from Natha.

TV2′s ‘Denmark according to Bubber’ is using the viewer’s subconscious in order to link the yoga school Natha with a number of controversial organizations.

In fast, flickering images logos from outlaw motorcycle gangs, racist organizations, religious fundamentalists and terrorist groups such as German Red Army Faction flash across the screen. The logos that are distorted and in bright colors, are edited upon a black background and the flickering clips with the logos lasts a little over a second.

“This is not acceptable,” says Joachim Porslund, who is connected to Natha. ”There’s this use of subliminals exactly when there is a person in the broadcast who says, “if you can give support to Natha, who can you not give support to?” And then 16 images flash across the screen in one and a half seconds.”

#1 caption 650

#2 caption 650

#3 caption 650

The pictures are the logos of a number of controversial organizations, including, among others, The Order of the Jarls of Baelder, Hizbut Tahrir (Black Flag of Jihad, Hizbut tahrir logo – pan-islamic political organization accused of spreading violence, hatred and anti-semitism), Al Qaeda (Islamic State of Iraq,militant terrorist organization), English Defence League (far right  movement accused of being Islamophobic), Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement with an associated military wing), the Ku Klux Klan (far right, white supremacist, anti-immigration, hate group), Hells Angels (motorcycle club and organized crime syndicate), Red Army Faction (RAF –  left wing militant terrorist group), Neo Nazi (The Order of the Jarls of Baelder – British neopagan society associated with satanism), Scientology (depicted in the media as a controversial sect), the Taliban (Islamic fundamentalist political movement in Afghanistan), Bandidos (outlaw motorcycle gang and organized crime syndicate), PCP (Partido Comunista Portugues – major left wing party in Portugal accused of funds embezzlement), Weather Underground (American left wing organization associated with bombings and riots) and the Theosophical Society.

Question mark - ending the sequence

“The classic ‘subliminal technique’ has been used, in which one picture masks the next, so that it is not possible to perceive them consciously. The only thing you see is just a bunch of symbols and the question mark at the end. It is a question of press ethics, as I see it. Is it acceptable to do such things? I think not,” says Joachim Porslund.

He considers that TV2 should play with open cards if they want to make that kind of comparison.

“If they try to equate this yoga school and these movements, why do they not it openly? It is also not mentioned that the yoga school is to be compared with Al-Qaeda or Red Army Faction. There is, as far as I know, no one from the yoga school that has blown something up or beaten people to death. This is about a completely different level of criticism,” says Joachim Porslund.

No comment.

At Eyeworks Productions, which produced this show, Wenche Hougaas Jensen, chief editor of ‘Danmark ifølge Bubber’ (‘Denmark according to Bubber’), says that in this moment he has no comments because Natha has filed a complaint to TV2, and a case is running about this issue.

TV2 editor Heidi Kim Andersen says the same thing.

“We/TV2 have received a complaint from Natha, and therefore I cannot comment on their criticism before the case is heard and decided,” she writes in an email to Journalisten.”

For those of you who are not familiar with subliminals, here is a definition taken from Wikipedia:

“Subliminal stimuli means “below threshold” and are any sensory stimuli below an individual’s threshold for conscious perception. A recent review of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies shows that subliminal stimuli activate specific regions of the brain despite participants being unaware.Visual stimuli may be quickly flashed before an individual can process them, or flashed and then masked, thereby interrupting the processing. Audio stimuli may be played below audible volumes or masked by other stimuli.”

About Visual Masking

According to Dr. Bruno G. Breitmeyer and Dr. Haluk Ogmen, Visual masking is the reduction or elimination of the visibility of one brief (≤ 50 ms) stimulus, called the “target”, by the presentation of a second brief stimulus, called the “mask”.

Images used in ‘Denmark according to Bubber’ were flashing for an interval of  around 33 ms and therefore the masking effect works on them to below the threshold of one’s conscious perception – making them subliminal messages.

The obvious questions that then arise are:

Why did Bubber/Eyeworks want to associate Natha with these organizations and groups?

Isn’t this way beyond the level of a decent debate? Does any decent person believe that this association can be made?

Why did Eyeworks/Bubber show these images so quickly?

Why did they show images with negative connotations that fall within the definition of subliminal which the viewer can then associate with Natha Yogacenter?

While the use of subliminal messages is not inherently wrong or negative, it is the intention behind their use that dictates their value. As such the ethics behind the use of subliminals is a subject of much debate.

The Hypocrisy of It All

Through the two part Bubber show about Natha Yogacenter, they have accused the school and its teachers and members of manipulation and acting immorally, brainwashing, exploiting and mistreating people. Now in a clear case of double standards, they have done themselves exactly that which they have accused us of. Breaching all deontological codes and violating their role as the watchdog of society that puts the citizens best interests first, Bubber is using manipulation and deception in order to make his point, there where simple facts were not enough. Bubber himself wrote in his emails to me with regards to our request to have a say in the final editing of the program: “This is unfortunately not a request we can accommodate, as we would then compromise on our constitutional right of the press to collect, treat and pass on information.” One can almost believe him … if it was real.

But as we can see, Bubber’s hypocrisy is astounding. He plays the role of the upstanding journalist whose interests are only for the well-being of the citizens he is apparently looking out for and in the meantime, the presence of these symbols inserted in his program clearly shows the intention to manipulate the viewers’ understanding and opinions about Natha Yogacenter.

If the information they have in the program was real, why the need to suggest such scandalous connections that even for a tabloid would have been too much? And why to make it subliminal if the pure intention was to uncover the truth?

Who is paying for these media stunts from Eyeworks and Bubber?

I am not sure about the legal side of this story, but I am sure about the moral side of it: to try to insinuate any resemblance between Natha Yogacenter and these organizations is definitely an immoral manipulative gesture that disqualifies the whole program. And to do it using subliminal messages shows the intention to deceive the viewer who in this case is arrogantly considered unworthy of openly sharing such ideas with.

Subliminal and Ethics

Subliminal messages are designed to tap into the subconscious mind and to not be detected by the conscious mind. In this way they can have an effect on us without us even knowing about it, making them powerful tools that can be either used or abused. The subliminal effect can influence a large number of subjects by inducing a certain reaction in them, determining a certain decision or programming a controlled attitude towards a target that was previously selected.

Since they were first used in the 1950s, subliminal messages have appeared in cinema, television and advertising. They have become a common practice and can be found in all corners of our lives, even if they are always hidden and often considered to be only the figment of our imagination.  The use of subliminal messages is influencing our will and our power to make choices and discern as it is tapping into that part of our consciousness which is out of the awareness of most people. It is a practice that easily crosses over into the land of the unethical. Nowadays it is common knowledge that subliminal methods are used by corporations to attract consumers and make people buy their products as well as being used to make people believe in certain things without them knowing it. The use of subliminal messages is a tool for eroding the value system and manipulating the masses.

The effect of visual subliminal messages can be seen in the study of Cooper and Cooper, in which participant’s ratings of thirst were higher after viewing an episode of “The Simpsons” that contained single frames of a picture of a Coca-Cola ® can. It is worth noting that the flashing of an image for the duration of one frame is the same method that is used in the show ‘Denmark according to Bubber’ – where the images were flashed for a duration of 1-3 frames. In the study of Cooper and Cooper we can see that the image of a Coca-Cola can had the effect of making people thirstier. This is because through advertising Coca-Cola is already associated with the feeling of thirst. Through the subliminal use of this image, its associated emotion is adopted by the viewer.  In the same way, in the show of Bubber – the subliminal use of images of terrorist, racist and criminal organizations (images which are already associated with the feeling of fear) the viewer is adopting the reaction of fear – which is then directed towards Natha Yogacenter.

Cases of the Use of Visual Subliminal Messages

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received complaints of a television station using subliminal messages in 1974. The FCC responded by issuing a public notice, which stated their official position- “We believe that the use of subliminal perception is inconsistent with the obligations of a [broadcast] licensee, and therefore we take this occasion to make clear that broadcasts employing such techniques are contrary to the public interest. Whether effective or not, such broadcasts clearly are intended to be deceptive.”

The use of subliminal messages in politics:

During the 1986 World Cup right after the Spanish national team scored a goal and enthusiasm of the fans was at the peak the abbreviation PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party) appeared for an instant.

There was a subliminal message used in the Bush campaign in the 2000 election. The word ‘RATS’ was flashed over a Gore prescription drug proposal. The excuse was that “RATS” is just a part of the word “BUREAUCRATS”. The word ‘Bureaucrats’ would appear on the screen and then it would disappear and for just one frame would remain the word ‘Rats’ would remain in big letters right over Gore’s name.

Probably the most frequently used subject in subliminals is sexuality. Those behind marketing campaigns and entertainment production knowingly apply subliminal stimuli by tapping into the collective conscious at its predominant level of consciousness, which at these times means the instinctive and sexual levels. Therefore, sexuality is largely used to influence the observer without their consent or knowledge as it encourages us to associate the object of the message with pleasurable feelings and gratification. However, through this method the viewer is given no chance to choose whether or not to believe something, rather the opinions are being forced on them, and without a certain level of consciousness and a level of spiritual awakening we cannot avoid the influence of such messages.

There are many cases of subliminal sexual references even in children’s programs. If you think your kids are in safe hands watching Disney cartoons, think again, they are full of intentional subliminal messages, especially sexual ones. One of the most famous cases is “The Lion King” in which the word “sex” is repeatedly inserted in the background. The most obvious moment is when Simba blows dust into the night sky where it spells out the letter S-E-X. Another case is the 1977 Disney animation, “The Rescuers” in which a picture of a naked woman appears in 2 frames in a window in the background. It’s hard to believe at first, but look closely, the sexually explicit image is undeniable and the intention behind such a program is therefore highly questionable.

The Power of Symbols

The impact of the subliminal messages is greatly amplified by the “charge” that the symbol has in the collective subconscious. A written message has the power that the words have upon the subject but the visual representation of a commonly known object or state will multiply its effects. The logo of an organization represents such a powerful tool that carries with it more than the significance of it. The use of symbols is applied by several occult groups and organizations and the most important ones are the Freemasons and the Illuminati. It is a known fact that they place symbolic figures and representations all over their social work as a way to exert influence upon others. It therefore comes as no surprise that Walt Disney was a 33 degree Freemason and very well-versed in the occult use of symbolism.

Bubber purposefully chose certain iconic symbols that already have a value in the collective consciousness of people today and which have immediate associations. The symbols used generate fear, anxiety, tension, stress, animosity etc, and all of this is then subconsciously associated with Natha Yogacenter. Natha has not broken any laws, been convicted of any crimes, been involved in any terrorist activities or provoked hatred or intolerance of any kind, yet by being associated with certain groups that do all of the above the viewer is immediately connecting the yoga school with all of these and even more. Is it a coincidence that Bubber is using methods used by the occult group of Freemasons? Or is he an initiated one? :)

Conclusive Proof of the ill-intention of Bubber and Eyeworks

With the inclusion of these subliminal images, Bubber and the production company Eyeworks have really shown their true face and their true intention behind the two-part show about Natha. It is now more obvious that all the fuss with the three former members and their problems with the school is just a diversion and a means of focusing the viewer’s attention upon the surface while below this conscious viewing threshold something more sinister is going on. It is a scandalous attempt to shoot the school with the silencer on, i.e. without much noise.

I wonder, what would have been Bubber’s reaction if he had found in Natha’s materials such subliminal messages? What would have been the degree of media attention given to this discovery in the case of Natha? If we were accused of trying to manipulate people based on some incoherent and often contradictory statements of three (already proven) biased witness, with no hard evidence, can you imagine the immense circus Bubber would have made if he had such explosive material from us? But I can anticipate that, after this feeble attempt of one journalist to take up this subject, most of the self-censored media will only take a silent stance, brushing such outrageous facts under the carpet.

Now everyone can see the double standard. It make sense now why people who participated in the documentary made by Truth Seminar were afterwards threatened, pressured to stop their involvement or deny their support. Those so keen on harming the school would not stop their work behind the scenes with only some subliminal messages. Let’s see now how many will take up the serious debate.