Welcome to our Discount offers.
We are offering 15% percept discount from the normal price for Students, Unemployed and Pensioners.
This offer is valid only for Students, Unemployed and Pensioners who have supplied us with the needed documentation via their account in our online system.
Please note that the offer is valid only as long as your eligibility for discount is valid, and that a new documentation is needed once a year.


How do I get the discount of 15%?

Step 1: open a Natha Online account and upload documentation

In order to receive this discount, please upload the needed documents using the link below. The link below will also guide you to create your Natha Online account (if you do not yet have one).

The documentation needed is:
1.    For student reduction – a picture of your valid student ID.
2.    For unemployed reduction – a picture of the letter from the Commune showing that you receive unemployment support, no older than 1 month.
3.    For pensioner reduction – a picture of your Yellow Card showing your age.

click here to upload your documentation


Step 2: Sign up for the requested course and payment option

Return to the previous page and sign up for the course and payment option of your choice (for example – Tantra course, 3 months subscription).

It will take us 2-3 working days to process your discount application, therefore your first monthly payment will be according to the normal price (without the 15% reduction).

Once we have processed your application and have confirmed that you are indeed eligible to benefit of the reduction we will change your contract so that it will include the 15% reduction. We will also give you a refund of 15% of your first payment by deducting it from your 2nd monthly payment.


Step 3: Confirmation

Once we have approved your eligibility for the 15% reduction, we will send you an email notifying you that you have now been switched over to the reduction price, and would ask you to confirm your acknowledgement of this fact by replying to the email.



Please note:

If the conditions which have granted you the right for reduction have changed, please notify us.
Registration and payment are done with a Visa or MasterCard.
The payment is taken monthly from your credit card. Once you have chosen and bought the 3, 6 or 12 months offer, it is possible to stop the commitment only in the end of the period you have committed for, by sending us an email to natha@natha.dk.  If you have chosen the monthly offer, you can always stop the contract using your Natha Online account.