During Advaitananda’s 20 years of teaching, people throughout the world have been graced by his presence; their lives deeply touched by his profound approach to the spiritual path, under the direct guidance of his beloved Master Gregorian Bivolaru.
Setting a new standard for the teaching of Yoga and Tantra by representing one of the most important spiritual schools of our time, MISA, while at the same time being a forerunner in the spiritual sexual revolution of our time – he helps people, both individually and collectively, through the conscious replacing of taboos with knowledge, the breaking down of barriers and overcoming of inhibitions related to different levels of existence.
Advaitananda’s exceptional seminars and workshops encompass a broad range of topics, bringing the ancient teachings of Tantra and Yoga to the modern world, uniting these traditional spiritual sciences with the discoveries of modern science, providing an authentic yet accessible path for today’s individual.
He is the coordinator and teacher of the Atman International Yoga Teacher Training Course which is a unique training course in our world today. Annually, a large number of enthusiastic, highly-qualified and well-prepared yoga teachers graduate from the course, at a time when the need for such teachers is at its highest.

Advaitananda teaches extensively throughout Europe, in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, UK, France, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic and Austria.He has also played an instrumental role in establishing spiritual schools and reawakening the Tantric path in South America and India.