Alchemy is the art of continuous spiritual improvement

The Alchemy course offers the chance and unique adventure of efficient insights into your inner work as aspirant on the spiritual path. This type of universal knowledge can be applied to any spiritual system. It teaches you the true essence of the universal inner transformation which is, inner alchemy.

The Alchemy Course is addressed to all the students of the Yoga, Tantra and Meditation courses of Natha Yogacenter from second year and up.

What you learn from the course:

  • methods to place yourself (beyond the inferior mind and the ego) into the core of your inner journey of transformation
  • practical assimilation of the symbolical ways of learning (assimilation of the language of universal symbols, numbers, archetypes)
  • assimilation of methods for self-transformation such as: visualization, herbology, astrology, gemology, mineralogy, identification, energy work, contemplation, meditation
  • initiation into the secret gateways of the 7 planetary spheres (Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Saturn and Mercury) – the secret mantra-s of the planets
  • other initiations specific to this course

Yoga and tantra teacher Doru Bodea from Berlin. Doru is Physicist, specialized in thermo-dynamics. He applies the scientific spirit to spirituality in a sparkling discourse with plenty of practical facets. His very practical experiences as yogi and scientist harmoniously meets the spirit of sharing with generosity and enthusiasm the joy of getting to know several inciting mysteries of the universe.

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