How to steal a Yoga School – The story of a betrayal.

In any group of likeminded people gathered around a common subject, there develops intimacy and trust between the members of that group. Most of us have experienced and felt this in a simple study group or in a group created around an interest or a hobby.

But when a group of people comes to gather in order to support each other in their effort to grow personally and spiritually something magical takes place, that welds the whole group together. The individuals that where nearly impotent alone, become powerful, supported by a legion of likeminded friends. When this group is guided by powerful spiritual principles and overseen by a genuine living master, then “miracles” become commonplace.

But every now and then, some people act in a way that is incomprehensible for most others; when a beloved friend and colleague suddenly, not only turns his back on the group but actively places a knife in the back of their unsuspecting friends.

This is the story of one such incident that happened in our yoga school in France and what makes it special is the premeditated attitude with which it is carried out.