It is in order to emphasize that our system of yoga schools works mostly through voluntary work and that there are hundreds of yoga teachers that work for free in order to spread the knowledge collected and made alive by Grieg, our mentor. Supporting this work the teachers regularly receive free teaching materials from ATMAN; i.e. the course theory, audio/video recordings, music for exemplifications, notes and insights connected to the courses that are useful to teachers, etc. on top of that teachers also receive free access to yoga camps, gifts etc. as a compensation and acknowledgement for their work for the school.

Keeping all this in mind it becomes even more incomprehensible when a teacher, generally loved by her friends and colleagues in the yoga school, decides not only to leave and step out of the school, but literally steals the school!

The Woman is Daniela Borcan, from Poitiers, France. She used to be a yoga teacher and is a practicing lawyer with a PhD in Judicial Science. One might think that such a person had more than her fair share of the sense of justice, but unfortunately for us all she does not live up to that assessment

Daniela asked to have her name removed from all websites of our movement since her name had become used by yoga-hate-groups that smear lies and misinformation about yoga schools and practices.

One such character, who has made a carrier of defaming MISA and the Atman schools of yoga, is Cecelia Tiz, better known on the net as “Mahacutra”. This woman has spent more than a decade spreading hate against MISA and Grieg in particular, allegedly because of a broken heart she once suffered when her husband left her.

She currently runs a website in German and French operating from Panama, spreading hate under the guise of a “sect disclosure”. It does not take much investigation to see that her interest and motivation is hurting Misa and Atman schools of yoga and not to “save” anyone from a “sect”.

Danielas request was understandable by all who have had to suffer the burden of persecution from the hand of hateful people. Her name was promptly removed from all webpage’s of the movement and its subsidiaries.

As Daniela was stepping down as a teacher, she was asked to return her teacher diploma, teacher materials, courses and all the other material she had received from ATMAN for teaching purposes. Other teachers where meant to continue the school in Poiters where she had left off. It was after all Daniela who had asked to be removed from the web pages and to cut all ties with the school since it was reflecting badly on her work.

It turns out that Daniela had some other agendas and that her seeming compliance was only a show since while her whishes where being fulfilled by the yoga school, she had already taken active steps to betray those who where helping her to disassociate her name with the school. In secret and behind everyone’s back Daniela had formed a new yoga association to take over the school she had been a part of creating for ATMAN.

Suddenly Daniela was not to be found or heard and the diploma, courses and other possessions of ATMAN have never been returned

She therefore not only stole the teaching materials, courses and exemplifications that she had been entrusted with, but she also “stole” the pupils as well.

Although the theft of copyrighted material that is the backbone of our movement and to make it off with a school full of pupils is bad enough, it does not measure up against the disappointment one feels when one is betrayed by someone considered to be a dear and intimate friend.

Many people in our school are now facing the betrayal of Daniela Borcan; how she is hurting them now in just the same way as she herself did not want to be hurt. How she is perpetrating on all of us, who are in the movement, all that she did not have the courage to face herself when she asked for her name to be removed of our sites.

We are some of the people, who through many years, have directly and indirectly helped Daniela with our time, money and effort; we are some of the people she is now betraying.