The day begins with drinking lemon-water – a method for generating happiness which Yoga Teacher Emanuel Langhoff explains in the video bellow:

Then yoga practice in the garden followed by a lecture about how to start the day with energy, kept on the sunny beach. After lunch we gather for a workshop of healing massage.  I might think that I already know most of what there is to know about massage but then I find out I am wrong. Teachers Emanuel, Minodora and Louise teach special massage point with unsuspected healing effects and then we start applying them in massage. Who knew you could feel so energized after just 45 minutes of massage.

After dinner we continue the program with an evening lecture explaining three different yogic cures and diets. The common element to all these is that they are perfectly natural, cheep and accessible and have powerful purifying effects.  I think that if more people knew these cures and practiced them pharmaceutical sales will go down and doctors would have a lot more free time. The lecture ends just in time to stand amazed at the site of an extraordinary sunset coloring the skies in colors of orange, red and purple.

After the lecture I met I one of the participants called Kim and asked him about his experience in this day and if one of the events has been his favorite , he happily replied  ‘’all the activities today have  been a perfect match – it all fits together – from the yoga in the morning, to the healing massage and to the yogic cures lecture. I feel great an am very happy I came to the retreat’’.

I ran into Ivana, another participant, in the living room and asked her about her experience this day she answered ‘’ it was just  so wonderful doing the yoga practice in the garden, it was like landing again on the ground, getting grounded. I almost didn’t come to the retreat because of so much work I had to do, but then I decided that  I need to come to the retreat to be more efficient. it is just so paradisiacal to do yoga in the nature, in this beautiful place. I feel wonderful, a bit tired but it is a nice tiredness – like after getting a massage, and eating and bathing in the sea and in the sun – and then being very ready to go to sleep.’’

As the house goes quit the sound of the waves on the rocks gradually takes over the garden like a sweet lullaby. Good night Kim, Good night Ivana and good night all the participants and teachers of the Holistic Wellness Retreat, and good night to all you readers wherever you are.