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Tantra starts here and now and takes you from were you are. We are born with many qualities and we are aiming – consciously or not – to develop in many ways according to our specificities until perfection. That development is giving a person the direction to follow and that direction is the one that the entire universe is contributing to push us toward.

Absolute perfection, complete happiness, overwhelming fulfillment, great success in all aspects of life, beauty, harmony, great relationships etc. are all coming naturally on the way of becoming a perfect woman or, in Tantric words, a genuine manifestation of Shakti! Before being a ‘somebody’ (whatever your desires are) you are a woman. Getting to realize this amazing gift will awake all the hidden potentialities this extraordinary condition hides!

This course aims to offer the possibility for every woman to learn how to awaken her true Shakti nature transforming her entire life into an exquisite experience.

Shakti means in Sanskrit feminine power, force of nature, energy. She is the expression of the Eternal Feminine, or the Mother Deity, unifying the femininity and maternity through her manifestation as the force of Nature. As one of the most spectacular systems that have been transmitted to us from ancient times, Tantra is an assembly of practical methods which guide the aspirant towards a spiritual state, making her overcome their own limitations that have been self-imposed in the process of the development of the personality.

We will learn about fundamental tantric secrets that will reveal why and how the universe is working so we can have the best of it!

This course is structured in 3 Modules that will run one after the other within an entire year. The meetings will take place every Thursday from 16.30 – 19.00.


Overview of some of the topics:


  • answering about who you really are we will go through the tantric initiations into the mysteries of the human structure (a complex system made of 5 bodies and seven chakra-s) and how it works (the fundamental connection between the human microcosm and the Macrocosm)
  • techniques for awakening of the femininity on all levels:

  • femininity on physical level – beauty, health, diet, corporal harmonization, Indian medicine (Ayurveda) and the awakening of the feminine potential, massage, dance, natural cosmetic, communion with nature…
  • femininity on energetic level – removing of stress, re-gaining the vitality, rejuvenation, regeneration, sensuality, learning about the mysteries of feminine sexuality, awaken the orgasmic capacity, controlling the sexual energy for an amazing erotic life, sexual secrets…
  • femininity on emotional level – blossoming all the soul-qualities of a perfect woman: happiness, kindness, goodness, tenderness, refinement, grace, delicacy, compassion, nurturing attitude, endless love and also will power, self confidence, discipline, determination…
  • femininity on mental level – intelligence, sense of humor, goodwill, mental power, focus, attention, memory, capacity for analyze and synthesis, discrimination, lucidity, intuition…
  • femininity on spiritual level – aspiration, faith, sense of mystery, capacity to transform the others, magic power…
  • secrets about couple relationships: how to find the man of your dreams by being the woman of his dreams
  • how to spiritualize your entire life through the knowledge of Tantra so that your existence will be a glorious example.

    During the class the theory is combined with practice, home-works, group techniques – in a sisterhood atmosphere, relaxed and cozy. You will receive a printed material every course in order to fix some of the notions.

    Language: English


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    Adriana Isvoranu is an inspiring woman, who is focused on developing her feminine nature through tantric practices.

    Through her practice of yoga and tantra for more than 8 years she has discovered the magic of integrating all the simple and apparently ordinary aspects of life into a spiritual attitude and way of being, which re-awakens the power of life in her again and again.

    Adriana studied music and dance from young age and she believes that during performing on stage we are able to evolve personally and spiritually by expressing art through body movements while increasing our awareness and the connection with our soul. She has an amazing presence candid and an irresistible sensual charm.

    Currently she is teaching the Tantra For Women course in Natha Yogacenter spreading the knowledge by initiating women in the tantric secrets of the feminine. Being always an inspiration for the women around her, Adriana is involved in the awakening of femininity together with all the wonderful participants of her Tantra For Women courses, which she runs in Natha Yogacenter. She is driven by the aspiration to awaken spirituality and the feminine beauty in women and help them become aware of their goddess within.